Dynamic Learning – Effective & Memorable Development

Dynamic Learning means the training and coaching services provided are engaging, active and based on your own objectives. We can support you to develop and conduct the programmes yourself, or we can take on the project from inception to delivery. It’s your call.

This is how.

All projects begin with a discussion to fully understand what you want to achieve from the training or coaching session. Everything we do will then contribute towards achieving your goals.

Once the training or coaching is in progress, all learning styles of the participants are catered for to ensure everyone involved will benefit from the programme. This involves a variety of approaches including varying the media used and the ratio of presentation vs. involvement. This is what makes the learning experience dynamic.

Areas of expertise include:

Train the Trainer

Receive support to develop yourself in any and all of the following areas. Why not become more effective in developing your own team your own way?


Online virtual classroom training. Bite size chunks of personal development at your convenience.


Pre prepared learning material, for learning and development at your own pace.

Performance Coaching

1-2-1 or as a group.

Filmed Coaching

Personal development through self-awareness at all levels of the business.

Customer Focus

Create clearer understanding of how your customers perceive your business, make changes to positively influence their perception.

Product Training

Training on historical, current and future product lines as well as the competitor offerings, developing ways to lead the market.

Sales Training

From introduction to advanced levels.

Brand Training

Creating representatives and ambassadors for your Brand throughout the business.

Business Development

Coaching management teams on improving processes and getting the most from your teams.

Retail Standards

Auditing and pre-audit coaching, conducted to ensure the very high standards set by a Brand are being met by the Retailer. The overall objective is always to improve the customer experience and potential for profit.

For more information or to arrange a meeting, please contact me:
Owen Balk, Director | Dynamic Learning Ltd | M +44 7734 394138 | E owenbalk@dynamic-elearning.com